Patterned Knitted Blanket Making

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  • We have prepared an explanation of easy blanket models consisting of the combination of 2 easy models from knitting needles. You will love the plaid-looking blanket knitted with a brass knit model and plain knit. Knitted bedspread models, you will want to knit immediately as a knitted baby blanket.
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  • We will share with you all the details of how it is knitted. Then you can knit knitted knitted blanket models in the dimensions you want. You can also use it as a knitted TV blanket. An amazing model. If you want, you can knit the whole knitted blanket with knitting motifs and combine them and design it as patchwork knitting models. The explanation of baby blanket models is from us to knit in any size you want.
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  • The model, which we will share shortly, is easy for those who are new to knitting. In this model, you can even make a motif motif as we have just said. If you have leftover yarns at home, you will evaluate them when you knit them with motifs.
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  • We shared the construction of many easy-to-fly models with skewers. For example, the baby blanket example is one of the easy examples to make. And you can knit in any size you want. The super easy baby blanket is one of the classic models. Let’s move on to making patterned knitted blankets now.
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  • How to Knit an Easy Blanket? We prepared the making of the blanket with a video. In these videos, we will find the answer to the questions of how to knit a bottle loop, how to knit a flat knit, how to knit a purl knit, how to knit a brass knit. 8 mm needle was used on the blanket and 6 mm crochet hook was used on the edges.
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  • The dimensions of the blanket are 75 x 110 cm. 9 threads for the main color and 1 thread of each color was sufficient for the colored parts. Knitted with cotton yarn. The yarn is 100 grams, 9 mm thick, 50 m long. You can choose yarns with these properties for the blanket.
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  • We start the blanket with 66 loops. We knit 4 rounds of plain knitting, with 2 rows of harasha. Then we knit 3 loops of haraşo on the edges. In between, we reserve 12 loops for brass knitting and 12 loops for plain knitting. We knit the brass braid and flat braid so that 12 turns are a full square.
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  • When we come to the next 12 rows, we make a flat braid with brass braid, and we do a flat braid for the parts we knit with rice. Thus, we give a plaid image. We knit in this way until we reach the dimensions we want.
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