How to Make Amigurumi Cute Pig

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  • For Amigurumi cute pig making, we need pink and white threads. Amigurumi cute pig model will be enjoyed by both boys and girls. You can also prepare very stylish rattles for babies with the cute pig.
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  • Amigurumi Cute Pig Making Stages We make a magic circle with our white thread. We will make frequent needles with our white thread for 5 rows. 6 sc in the first row, In our second row, 9 frequent needles, 3. We continue to knit with 12 frequent needles in our row. After this row, we insert two frequent needles into each frequent needle and increase. After the 5th row, we pass to our pink rope. Here, too, we will constantly increase. After about 50 sc is completed, we knit 5 more rows without increasing. After knitting 5 rows, we complete the piglet by increasing it. The white part we knit first will be the nose part of the amigurumi pig.
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  • Here we sew the first nostril with black beads. On the pink part, we sew two ready-made eyes. We complete the tiny ears with two white threads and sew them to the pig’s head. For the feet and legs, we knit 4 tiny pieces consisting of 9 rows of 6 frequent needles and sew them to the body of the pig with sewing needle and thread.
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  • Amigurumi Cute Pig Rattle Making We make a magic circle with white thread. We fill the inside of the magic ring with 9 frequent needles. We raise two or one in each row. After we knit our knitting with about 6 rows of white yarn, we move on to our pink yarn. We continue to knit with our pink yarn until we get a full round hand.
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  • After forming a complete circle, We sew the braid that we filled with bead fibers into the rattle ring that we bought ready. If you want the rattle to make a sound, you can knit the braid on a ping-pong ball and then make a small hole in the ball and fill it with beads of different sizes. This way it will make a rattle sound. We recommend you to read our previous article titled Amigurumi Knitting Monkey Making.
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