How to crochet flowers in 3D

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  • Today we will learn one of my favorite crochet crafts, today we are going to crochet flowers. These are beautiful details that can be done easily, in a few steps and thanks to the uses that have been given to the fabric lately, new techniques have been developed to make flowers, one of them is to make 3D flower models, which are which we are going to learn today.
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  • These beautiful 3D flowers are as useful as they are beautiful, so we can use them to decorate other crafts such as bandanas, sweaters, pencil cases, backpacks and an infinity of items in which our flowers can give a feminine touch, but these flowers in 3D also by themselves they are perfect to wear as an individual accessory, for example as hair clips, as donuts, as a cute pair of earrings or as cute bracelets or necklaces. So if you want to knit this beautiful craft, stay here so you can learn how to knit crochet flowers step by step.
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  • CROCHET FLOWERS STEP BY STEP The first flower models that we have for you is very simple and you can modify it according to your taste, especially you can use two colors in its elaboration, for example you can knit the first part in a light color like yellow or white and the next part in a stronger color like red, pink or purple. This time we will knit it only in rosewood color.
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  • To begin we are going to knit 6 chains with the rosewood thread, close with 1 slip stitch, go up with 3 chains, knit 1 double crochet, 3 chains, half a point and repeat this same pattern 6 times from the 3 chains and finish with a slip stitch.
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  • In the next part is when you can change the color of the thread, so turn the flower around and knit 3 chains, half a stitch, in the half stitch of the previous round, then repeat 6 more times, finish with a slip stitch, turn the fabric over one more time and over the previous chain knit 4 chains to go up, 1 treble crochet, 1 spike, 1 treble crochet, half a crochet and repeat six more times. Close with a slip stitch, finish off and cut the long strand, and then use it to fix it where you plan to use it.
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  • CROCHET LEAVES To finish crocheting flowers you must knit some leaves that give our work a clearer shape, you can knit the leaves that you already have practiced and then fix them with slip stitches, thread and needle or with silicone. If you don’t know how to knit a leaf model, you can follow the following tutorial.
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