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Hello friends. Today we have some ideas on how to make these beautiful Crochet Feathers. Tunisian dots her friends will really like this model that is incredible. the models basically is as we see in the photos below. some ideas of Tunisian crochet stitches, are made of Patterns like this. see step by step how to do according to the pattern below. It’s simple easy to make friends. I found the colored ones beautiful. I like bright colors. Colorful Yarn. These beautiful crochet feathers. we can get some ideas here. Crochet Feathers is a basic pattern to make. this model provides some ideas of afghan Crochet dots. I really liked those Crochet Feathers. the Tunisian points is simple to do. something gives us lots of ideas when we start. the graph has a simple step by step and the tutorial as well. see below how to make this model in practice. the friends who are more experienced at work will do without difficulties. I’m simply glad to see the Graphics before I start doing the work here. already saw some Afghan Crochet stitch Stitches too and it was very lovely this crochet feather with the models below that this very delicate. the friends choose what they want to do. I find some ideas of this immoderate model. and I am bringing here some tips for the friends to choose the models according to this Crochet Feather job. see some form of making the feathers of Tunisian Crochet. learn to make the models below with your ideas by seeing this tutorial and a basic graphic of the Crochet Feathers

Double crochet Procedure: Foundation chain and the calamus: chain 7, chain 6 to start the calamus, chain 1, slip stitch in the next 6 chains, chain 7.

Crochet Feathers. step by step Crochet Diagram. with ideas of Lines and sizes.

Friends I found this Tutorial feathers  very important to start. the friends who do not have much experience in crochet. here are some examples that are simple to make this crochet pen. the friends will really like the explanation. I find this step by step very productive here. we can compare how the work got here. very simple and revealed secrets. Crochet stitches and step by step Patterns and various revealed ideas of chrome make. 

Feather Crochet tutorial. easily learn how to start crochet stitches.

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