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  • 1 | 20Today we are knitting a series of heroes adapted from the book. Green’s daughter, mom. A serial that is broadcast on the digital platform. I haven’t read the book, but I watched it as a series. It’s a good series except for some scenes.
  • 2 | 20Of course, I would like to read the book first. Today we are knitting amigurumi green girl mother. You can knit the same model by adapting it from your Amigurumi doll recipes. She is a popular girl who attracts attention with her red hair and cheerful demeanor. Now we will publish its recipe in our knitting toy models.
  • 3 | 20When we first started knitting amigurumi recipes, we knit dolls, rabbits, teddy bears. We start with the easier recipes and then move on to the more detailed explanations of the more difficult models. Today’s model is one of the examples with some details that would be more comfortable for those who have knitted amigurumi before. If you are going to knit amigurumi for the first time, you can start by knitting easier dolls first.
  • 4 | 20For example, making amigurumi dolls is both easy and beautiful. Amigurumi pacifier baby making is also one of our most knitted recipes. It is very difficult to fit all our baby models here. You can access all of the previous content. Now it’s time to learn how to knit amigurumi green girl mommy.
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Crochet Amigurumi Flower Keychain | Hooked by Robin

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How to Crochet Stuffed Animals | Amigurumi Puppy Dog & Kitty Cat! | kirrilalia

Sushi Crochet Tuto

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