How to knit a jar cover

Hello, how about preparing a candy jar that will make the little ones happy during the holiday? First I painted my jar with nail polishes. I painted the cover 3 times. When it was completely dry, I wrote on it. I painted the top of the jar as I wanted. It was like in the photo below

Now it’s time to knit. I tried to explain what I did as best I could. I tied a knot and pulled 5 chains and made frequent needles in the 1st chain (i.e. I made a ring).

Then I pulled 3 chains and turned over. I took 3 loops from the ring and pulled 3 chains and turned back. Again, I took 3 loops from the place where I made the previous 3 chains. I pulled 3 chains again and reversed. This is how I continued.

What do you think?

Written by deniz

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